Natural Pearls


A pearl is a very unique and valuable gemstone formed only within a living being. Its formation begins when a foreign irritant gets inside the living shelled mollusk. As a defense mechanism, layer upon layer of the calcium carbonate is coating the nuisance, and thus our lustrous pearl is created. The most beneficial pearls occur spontaneously in the wild but are remarkably rare. For thousands of years, divers retrieved these wild natural pearls.

Gulf Sea Pearls

The Arabian Gulf was the world’s first source of natural pearls and remained so for centuries. Natural pearls from the Gulf are notable for their crystal clear and high-luster nacre. Nowhere else did pearl oyster grow pearl more plentiful, of such high quality, radiance, and size, as the Arabian Gulf waters. These types of natural salt sea pearls wrote Al Fardan’s history. So, remember when you wear them, you wear a piece of our rich heritage.

Tahitian pearls

The mysterious and alluring feel of black Tahitian pearls has made them one of the most popular pearl types worldwide. Their palette is often referred to as natural black colors. They also have a striking color range in their spectrum: light, creamy white and grey, regal greens, peacock, and deep black. Because of their exotic nature and difficulty matching these pearls into the finished strand, they become one of the most expensive pearls in the world. Do you dare to wear them?

South Sea pearls

The natural glow of this gorgeous, luminescent little full moons is unrivaled in the world. Each bead is hand-selected for its dazzling and tasteful luster, and a variety of overtones are there to compliment any complexion and temperament. Every luxurious South Sea pearl is a distinctive treasure from the ocean’s heart that will be cherished forever.

Freshwater pearls

Freshwater pearls are known for their heavenly, satin-like luster, and a rainbow of natural pastel colors. They are a great way to experiment and dive into fresh, fun colors! Featuring natural pastel palettes ranging from dark lavender to light pink and white, they have a beautiful luster and nearly perfectly round shapes. There is a shade to satisfy even the pickiest of pearl lovers. Freshwater pearls are arguably the most diverse type of pearls produced today. They grow in an immense variety of shapes, a broad range of sizes. An excellent choice for parties, celebrations, or an entry-level jewellery enthusiast.